Pictures from My Ego Trip


I dug through a lot of stuff and have come up with a montage of miscellany. I’ve posted a few of the postcards from my engagements in Lake Tahoe, Reno and Las Vegas so you can see I wasn’t you about some of the legends I shared the bill with.

I’ve put captions under some pics and additional comments about others below the group of pics.

Double clicking the picture makes it bigger, but you probably already knew that you computer savvy whiz kid you. (On the lower ones, once you click on it, you may have to scroll up to find it).

  1. 1.This is a still from the film shoot of A Lousy 10 Grand at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Casino. I’ve known Larry since his Cincinnati days, long before he had the magazine. He was kind enough to let me shoot in his beautiful casino gratis, thereby giving our low budget, independent film a multi-million dollar film set.

  2. 2.I read in some film makers guide, after we had wrapped, that every still from a film shoot must show the director pointing. I’m not pointing here, in fact, it looks like I have my hand out begging, which, considering how we financed the film, is pretty much true. I never knew still photos were important to a film shoot until after we were finished. As a result, we have just a few stills, two of which are in the banner, both shot by one of our producers, Michael Dains.

  3. 3.Being greeted by Queen Elizabeth II after a Command Performance                                   

    The reason I look so obeisant is because I thought that being asked to do a Command Performance  

    meant you were to be knighted. I wasn’t of course, which was fine except then I was stuck with 10,000

    business cards that said, “Sir Kelly Monteith”.

  1. 4.Meeting the late Princess Margaret, before she was late of course.

  2. 5.On Politically Incorrect, with Bill Maher, Gloria Estefan and Senator Eugene McCarthy and I’m sorry but I don’t remember the other man’s name. I’m sure this picture is on his web site and he’s saying the same thing about me.

  3. 6.With the late and still ‘King of Late Night”, Johnny Carson.

  4. 7.An ad from a British tour.

  5. 8.Gabrielle Drake and me. So much fun to work with and such a damn good actress!

  6. 9.A picture from the BBC years.

  7. 10. With the late, legendary American Comedian, Henny Youngman, taken in Lincoln, Nebraska when      

      he and I were on a college tour together. I think he was close to 80 by then and still doing one-      

      nighters. The show was billed as, “Comedy Then and Comedy Now”. He was the ‘then’ and I was 

      the ‘now’. Now, I’d probably be the ‘then’. Time sucks.

  1. 11. Appearing with Diana Ross. Every night between shows I’d see her in dressing room sitting down at 

      dinner with her kids, just like they were at home. I had great respect for that.

  1. 12. With Tony Bennett. I also did a tour with Tony in the Southeast as well as a Tonight Show. That   

      he’s still on top and singing better than ever says more about his talent and class than anything I

      could ever add.

  1. 13. With Loretta. If you see the picture bigger, you’ll notice we worked in the Bagdad Showroom. If it

      had that name today, I doubt that valet would agree to park any cars.

  1. 14. I also toured with Neil in summer theaters in the Northeast, most outdoors and hotter than the hinges 

      of hell.

  1. 15. Connie Stevens was always fun to work with. On this engagement she was ill for three days and I

      shared the bill with Bill....Cosby that is.                                         

  1. 16. Connie used to do a bit where she’d get a member of the audience up on stage with her and do a 

      number with him. Unbeknownst to her, she picked my father. When somebody came to my dressing   

      room and asked me my father’s name, I thought he’d had a heart attack or something. Instead I

      almost had a heart attack when I saw him on stage.

  1. 17. Thanksgiving came in the middle of our engagement and Joel invited me to have Thanksgiving    

      dinner with his wife and two young daughters, both pre-teens then. Next time I saw one of them, she   

      was on screen, “Dirty Dancing” with Patrick Swayze.

  1. 18. Working with Dionne, she used to do a medley of all her hits. It went on for over 20 minutes!

  2. 19. Tonight Show dressing room card. I saved it because if it didn’t go well, I’d probably never get

      another one. Fortunately it went well.

  1. 20. Freddie Prinze, who was a huge star then, agreed to come on as a guest on my first show, thereby

      giving it a tremendous kickoff. I was never able to repay him in kind.

  1. 21. The Los Angeles Playboy Club where I was working during one of L.A.’s big earthquakes. Gave

      me some good opening material though.

  1. 22. From the Playboy Clubs Magazine that they used to circulate to give members news of the clubs

      and the schedule of performers appearing there.

  1. 23. An ad from my beginning days in strip joints. You might look on it  as a trip down mammary lane.

      The 183rd St. “Art Theater”, was my second job as a single comedian. As you can see we did four    

      shows a day between a spicy, (soft porn) movie. North Miami Beach in the summer and every

      member of the audience had a top coat --- on their lap.

  1. 24. My name is misspelled in this ad too, something that happens often because of that stupid “i” before

      “e” rule. In the Shreveport ad it gives the impression that I’m the exotic dancer and Jean is the

      comedian, with a Go-Go dancer added at the end. Considering the laughs I got, I would have been

      better off stripping.

  1. 25. Working with Cielito Lindo again, a fiery Puerto Rican stripper with a dynamite body and a temper

      to match. She used to end her act by yelling, “Everybody suck!” Then I’d come on. Unfortunately, I       

      was the one that sucked!

  1. 26. I went to Florida to team up with Ray Brand, trying to get into comedy. He had been part of a

      comedy team, Wick and Brand. They split and Ray wanted to get back into the business. He had a

      lot of contacts but we found it tough getting work.

  1. 27. Our 8X10. Many a night Ray would walk up behind a cocktail waitress in a dark club and when she

      turned suddenly and saw him with his Satanic-like beard, she’d gasp hard enough to suck a martini

      olive clean out of its glass, certain as she was that the Devil had come for her soul.

  1. 28. Here we’re billed as a “burlesque” comedy team. We were about as far from burlesque as you could

      get, although we did do one old burlesque sketch with Mitzi, the Madcap Mugger. One night she

      came in complaining of an abscess tooth and I forgot to tell Ray. When it came to the part of the skit

      where he had to grab and pinch her cheek,  the Madcap Mugger’s eyes nearly popped out of her

      head. The ad also has blatant lies, saying that we were on the Tonight Show and that we had them

      “rolling in the aisles” in Las Vegas, where we had never appeared. By the way, have you ever seen

      anyone actually rolling in the aisles?